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Ahoy from Admin.

If your a member of the Blue Rogues in game, can you please either log in or register. If your registering can you please register under the name you use in the game.

You can do this by either clicking on the image on your bottom left of the screen, or click on the Please Register button on the top menu buttons, or on this message box.

If you are a Guest but would like to know more about the Blue Rogues or any other questions, I have provided a room on this forum to use without having to register or log in.

Just click on the Guest Chat in the categories you will find more information on how to send posts as a Guest.

Thank you and all the best Crazy G.

This forum is for the Blue Rogues of Pirate of the Burning Sea
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 New avatars available

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New avatars available  Empty
PostSubject: New avatars available    New avatars available  Icon_minitimeFri Apr 28, 2017 7:11 am

Ahoy maties.

I just added a bunch of funny looking pirates for our avatars if you like to use them feel free.

How do I add one of the new avatars?
To add one as your avatar simply click on the profile button on the top of this screen
and along the top you will see a list saying
(Information | Preferences | Signature | Avatar | Friends and foes | Notifications | Topic(s) being watched | Favourites).

Click on Avatar, now scroll down to the bottom and click on the (Show gallery)

Under the images there is little white dots click the one you want then click on select avatar.

All done.

Kind Regards.
Crazy G
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New avatars available
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